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Au-Some Helpers is a new Nanny/Personal Care agency in Louisville, KY. We have a special place in our heart for children/adults that are exceptional in their own way, and the primary caregivers that tend to their every need. Our mission is to be the missing piece that you need to make your family portrait perfect! We carry out that mission by assisting primary caregivers of children/adults with autism or other developmental disabilities in finding qualified individuals to give their loved one the 1:1 attention, love and care they deserve.

Care that is an extension of your own.

It’s not easy to find a nanny or caregiver, especially one that will fit all of your loved one's needs. It takes time, hard work ... and lots of dedication. Our agency is devoted to making the process easier! We start from the beginning, conducting an extensive Au-Some 3 - phase screening and matching process that ensures each and every nanny/caregiver presented to you has the experience, and disposition needed to make a great fit with your family.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for a professional and caring nanny/sitter for your loved ones, and we’ll begin the search for the perfect match for your family’s needs in no time.


Questions? Contact Us // bcummings@au-somehelpers.com


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